Google OnHub


Alleviating pain points through guided onboarding


The Google Wifi Team approached Method to design the digital onboarding for their new OnHub Router. We created an experience to combat the historically frustrating experience of setting up a new internet router and instead turn it into a delightful introduction to the key differentiators of the product.


"Really, really, ridiculously easy Wi-Fi setup" -Wired

"Installing the OnHub couldn't be easier" -PCMag

"Setting up the OnHub in my home was painless...I was up and running in less than five minutes" -The Verge

Project Details

Client: Google OnHub
Timeline: 4 weeks
Date: 2015
Studio: Method


Interaction design


Digital/physical parity

Lighting patterns of traditional routers are notoriously confusing. During the pairing process, the light patterns in the animation sync to actual light patterns displayed on the physical router, making the moment of connection visible to the user. 

The OnHub's network performance is optimal when placed in an open, central area of the home. However, consumers generally hide their routers in cabinets, behind furniture, etc. Our animation shows the OnHub on an open shelf to reinforce the ideal placement to users.


Visualizing hidden processes

Rather than being an ambiguous black box, OnHub helps users understand why some tasks take time to complete. This animation shows the connections being made while the user's WiFi network initializes - making something previously invisible, visible.


Reinforcing the simplicity

After completing setup, the OnHub App celebrates the moment and reinforces how easy that just was. Onboarding is now complete, and the user is introduced to the home dashboard.


Elementary students going through our setup flow (Credit: Google)