Selected for the AIGA St. Louis Design Show 2014 

Group project with Alexis Turim, Alyssa Celentano, and Sarah Healy.

Prompt: Create a digital innovation within education. 


Currently over 30,000 students in Missouri attend schools in unaccredited districts. 

Most of these schools are in impoverished, dilapidated neighborhoods such as this one in St. Louis. 


The blatant neglect of these schools is reflected through standardized test scores. 

Statewide, almost half of 4th grade students are below basic reading level. 


Amazingly, members of the community have come together to show support for students.

Below, alumni of the now unaccredited Normandy High School cheer on students as they start their first day of a new school year.  


This show of support led our group to ask the question

How can we extend this community support beyond the first day of school? 



What factors determine a child's achievement? 

We interviewed experienced educators and mentors to find out. 


Who is our user and what are they experiencing? 


What existing digital tools can we integrate? 

According to Baird and Fisher’s article Neomillenial User Experience Design Strategies: Utilizing Social Networking Media to Support ‘Always On’ Learning Styles, young students now learn differently because of their social media use.

"They have grown up with the Web, are ‘always-on,’ and expect to utilize technology in their learning...The key is to design courses with these new learning styles in mind, creating content that allows students the flexibility to work as an individual and as a member of a group, while embracing the reality of the neomillennial student."


Rocket is a social media site that connects classrooms to communities, giving students a network of support as they pursue their education. 


Web Interface

A clean, bright layout provides an intuitive user experience. Through the classroom forum feature, teachers can connect with other another classroom in Missouri and link their students together. Both contribute to online discussion and assignments, creating a support network beyond the immediate community for both teachers and students.  


Members of the community can connect to a local classroom through Rocket, where they can participate in academic discussions as well as facilitate their own. 

Students can also search the larger network to connect with mentors closely aligned with their own goals and aspirations. 


Process Book

My role within the group, described as "visual scribe", was to visually document our process. A final book compiles our research, concept development, and showcases the final product. Browse the full book below.