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The Google Wifi Team approached Method to design the out-of-box experience for their new OnHub Router. We created an experience to take the historically frustrating experience of setting up a new internet router and turn it into a delightful introduction to the key differentiators of the product.


"Really, really, ridiculously easy Wi-Fi setup" -Wired

"Installing the OnHub couldn't be easier" -PCMag

"Setting up the OnHub in my home was painless...I was up and running in less than five minutes" -The Verge

Project Details

Client: xAd
Timeline: 11 weeks
Date: 2016
Studio: Method


Interaction design


Digital/physical parity

Lighting patterns of traditional routers are confusing. Once recognized, exploded view of Onhub assembles itself. Light patterns in the animation sync to actual light patterns on the physical router, showing the connection between the digital app and the physical hardware.

Wifi signals are stronger when routers are out in the open, however users generally hide routers in cabinets, behind furniture, etc. Our Illustration shows the OnHub out in the open on a shelf to support customer behavior of putting router out in the open rather than hiding it. 


Progress of creating the wifi network — make something invisible visible to the user. Create transparency about how long process would take, make something engaging to watch. When complete, take a moment to celebrate.


Celebrate the moment of success